Big Company Capabilities with a Small Company Feel…

Established in 1986, Ipswich Maritime Products has been delivering direct to restaurants and seafood markets for over 25 years.

photo of owner George DelaneyWe carry a full-line of fresh and frozen seafood, sourced directly from fishermen and wholesale partners along the east coast.

Our product line includes ground fish (Haddock & Cod), Salmon, Soft-Shell Clams, Hard-Shell Clams, Clam Strips and Minced Clams, Scallops, Live Lobsters, Lobster Meat, Shrimp, Oysters, Mussels and much more.

If you are interested in direct delivery or airfreight shipments please call us today at 978-356-9866.

The Ipswich Clam Company

Ipswich Maritime Products sources more soft-shell clams than anyone in the world; including the world-famous native clams from our home base in Ipswich, MA.

photo of Ipswich Clam Diggerphoto of local clam beds

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