The harvesting and processing of soft-shell calms is strictly regulated due to various bacteria and toxins that can occasionally be found in clams.  Each state closely monitors its clam flats for the presence of these toxins.  When the levels get too high the state agency will close the flats in that area to prevent the harvesting of clams.  Typically these elevated levels of bacteria result from heavy rains or red tide.  “Redtide” is a form of sea algea that is eaten by clams and can be dangerous to humans.   Certified Shellfish dealers only buy and process clams harvested from open areas. Open areas have been approved as free from contamination and toxins.

There have been times when the media has highlighted “Red Tide” as a public safety risk.  This creates a false impression that the clams served in a restaurant could somehow be dangerous.  All clams purchased and processed by Ipswich Maritime are harvested from open areas, and therefore, are safe for consumption.  To counter this false impression created by the media we have created a flyer/poster that you can print out and display in your restaurant or retail store to answer your customers concerns about the safety of your clams.

Ipswich Maritime is an industry leader in its commitment to product safety.  We have invested heavily in software, and implemented operating proceedures to ensure that every pound we handle can be traced back to its source and followed to consumption.

“How do we know our clams are safe?” (pdf flyer for download)